Content Acquisition

Content is king. Now, more than ever as Ghanaian media industry migrates to a digital platform, having relevant and up-to-date content has never been more crucial. Why should you entrust us with acquisitions?

Experience - Xavier media has over a decade of content acquisition negotiation experience dealing with top US and European Studios.

Trendsetter – Simply put we have a keen eye for great content that is relevant on the local scene and appeals to the a wide audience

Scale – with purchases on behalf of various clients, Xavier benefits on economies of scale when dealing with the major studios. This means better costs for our clients.


Television scheduling is part art, part science. The art comes from predicting which programs viewers might watch together in blocks, going from one show to another on the same channel on the same night. The science comes from analyzing ratings and demographics in order to discover who is watching a particular show, and how/when.

Modern Broadcasting is defined by broadcast automation. And Xavier Media provides extensive scheduling services to assist clients to regularly change the scheduling of their programs to build an audience for a new show, retain that audience, or compete with other broadcasters' programs. With a blueprint of the entire broadcast industry, we are able to help you place that new show where it will garner the most views!

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