Whether you're reading an article, watching a video, or listening to news updates, someone supervised the creation and publication of that content.

At Xavier, our Content production managers oversee all aspects of content production, from the initial brainstorming phase to the time it's published. Content production managers are well versed in editing but with a more diverse set of skills. We understand not only how to write and edit the written word, but also have an understanding of video creation and audio editing.

Location and Opportunity working with a team of content specialists, our production managers ensure that our client’s deadlines are met, provide creative input while driving the creative team to finish quality content quickly and efficiently. As part of our tasks the team recruits and assigns researchers, writers, photographers, and videographers various projects from a long to-do list that they develop with other content producers. Content production managers typically work with diverse team members, including: Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and Digital Strategy and Media Directors.

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