Audience Diary

As advertising and communications thrive on reaching the right target market, audience measurement is key in assessing the effectiveness of your communication and advertising strategies. MediaWatch has an audience measurement platform that provides consistent and detailed information about Radio and TV audiences.
Using a mobile app that is fully integrated into the MediaWatch platform, we provide a direct and fast approach to audiences/ consumers nationwide. This enables our clients gain more accurate and more cost effective information into the accuracy/efficacy of their brand communications and easily draw relevant insights to inform their present and future marketing decisions.

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How it works

Interested persons sign up to become panel members. Their demographic data, contact information and TV viewing/ Radio listening times are collected and stored into a database. Panel members enter their daily diaries of viewing or listening activities via an app or a USSD push enabled system. Responses are fed into the MediaWatch system and mathematically analyzed to provide audience measurement information. This Information is made available to clients for strategic communication decisions.

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