MediaWatch monitoring is based on a proprietary software solution designed for monitoring broadcast media such as TV and Radio to report the occurrences of advertising spots, press conferences, political interviews, music and other types of content. It enables businesses, advertising agencies and clients to instantly identify broadcast content.

Our media monitoring tool helps control the correct broadcasting of advertisements and analyze competitors’ ad campaigns. More importantly, it is the fundamental tool for measuring and controlling brand spend for advertising and promotions, identifying consumer media reach patterns and staying abreast with the evolving media landscape in terms of Ad placement in the relevant industries.

What we do?

MediaWatch = Radio / TV / Outdoor / Editorial Monitoring + Audience Measurement

MediaWatch aims to help organizations properly monitor and optimize their marketing strategy to gain a competitive edge and thereby maximize profits.

Our on-demand media monitoring, automated tonality for online content, clip book wizards and robust reporting capabilities work together to give you a powerful tool that provides real-time insight into corporate media purchasing, brand reputation, market trends and competitive activities.

The MediaWatch platform provides a one-stop-shop for all your monitoring, audience measurement and market insight information to get you on your way to fast, accurate brand decisions.

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