MiSurvey's primary mode of surveying is SMS, which allows anyone with a mobile phone to receive our messages. As mobile and internet penetration in emerging markets adapts, so do MiSurvey solutions: in markets with higher internet penetration, we can conduct mobile web surveys, and we have a mobile application for those with smartphones.

Here’s the plan

MiSurvey has the largest database of mobile survey respondents in Ghana. In areas where we operate, our database represents at least 15% of a country’s population and 50% of the mobile phone users in the country. MiSurvey’s active user base allows us to reach the same respondents over and over again, making it easy to track preferences over time. We have direct connection with over 70 mobile network operators, allowing us to target respondents by location, send surveys which are completely free to the respondent, and immediately deposit airtime incentives upon survey completion. Our research and operations teams ensure you get the highest quality data. MiSurvey’s system automatically reviews survey responses for abnormalities as they come in, and a trained member of the MiSurvey team double-checks your data before it’s sent to you.

Better, Faster Data from Emerging Markets.

miSurvey is the leading mobile surveying platform in Ghana and with a database of over 2million users.

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